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Battuta Coffee

White Blossom Symphony - 100% Arabica Blend

White Blossom Symphony - 100% Arabica Blend

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[Battuta Coffee] White Blossom Symphony - 100% Arabica Blend
"Introducing 'White Blossom Symphony,' an opulent coffee blend meticulously curated from the lush landscapes of Rwanda, El Salvador, and Indonesia. Immerse yourself in a refined experience as notes of succulent fruits intertwine with delicate florals, painting a masterpiece of taste upon your palate. Elevate your mornings with the elegant essence of White Blossom Symphony, a harmonious tribute to nature's finest flavors."

Varietal: Multivar
Roast: Medium
Acidity: Medium

Weight: 100g (for Beans)

Weight : 10x12g (for drip coffee)

Tasting notes: Fruity, Almond, Choco
Country of origin: Rwanda, El Salvador, and Indonesia

All of our coffee are sold as whole beans by default. We can grind the beans for you (finely ground or coarsely ground) at no extra cost. If you would like this, please message the seller chat directly.
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