About Us

Battuta Coffee was named in honour of Ibn Battuta, a 14th century explorer who travelled extensively across Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East in search of new knowledge, collecting many wonderful stories about his adventures along the way. Likewise, we at Battuta Coffee see ourselves as explorers at the frontiers of coffee, constantly seeking innovative and artisan coffee from all across the world.

We partner with small businesses to offer finely roasted gourmet coffee blends which are not commonly available in Singapore, specialising in cold brew and single origin coffee such as Luwak, Longberry, Papua Blue Mountain, and more. With precise roast control, our blends are well-balanced with a smooth flavor, enhancing the natural strength and sweetness of our beans.

Our beans are always freshly roasted every 2 weeks in small batches (2-3kg, compared to many other roasteries who roast up to 10kg at once). This ensures an even roast throughout to bring out the natural flavours and aromas in our beans. With every brew of Battuta Coffee, we encourage you to be able to let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy the pour, smell, bloom, and the sound of the drip.

Please support us as we strive to sell only premium, Grade 1 beans at an accessible price to all coffee lovers.