How to make cold brew coffee

How to make cold brew coffee

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew is a type of iced coffee, made when coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for an extended time (usually 10-18 hours) then strained. This brewing process results in a less acidic, ultra smooth coffee that is then served over ice.


The most important part in making a cold brew is finding a vessel that is large enough to hold the coffee beans and water at the ratio you choose.

You can make cold brew coffee using a French press or a quart-sized wide mouth mason jar. For coffee afficionados, we recommend using the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System or Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher 1000ml.

Cold brew instructions

Coffee strength Grind setting Coffee (g) to water (ml) ratio Steep time in refrigerator
Light cold brew​ Medium fine (set to 10/40) 50g: 1000ml 10-12 hours
Regular cold brew Coarse (set to 35/40) ​67g: 1000ml 12-15 hours
Concentrated cold brew Coarse (set to 35/40) 223g: 1000ml  15-18 hours

  1. Depending on your desired coffee strength, adjust the grind setting, coffee-to-water ratio, and steep time based on the table above.
  2. Serve over ice, and add creamer, milk, or sugar to taste.
  3. Keep the cold brew refrigerated for up to 1 week.
Battuta Coffee's cold brew packs are easy to use and come with filter packs: no measuring or grinding needed! Just add water and steep overnight for a perfectly extracted smooth coffee.
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