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Battuta Coffee

Royale Blue Batak 100g - 100% Arabica

Royale Blue Batak 100g - 100% Arabica

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[Battuta Coffee] Royale Blue Batak 100g - 100% Arabica Blue Batak

Introducing Royal Blue Batak Coffee: Indulge in the essence of Sumatra with our high-end, sought-after gem. Grown in the lush region of Lintong, Lake Toba, this 100% Arabica coffee is meticulously picked by the indigenous Bataks at an altitude of 1500-1700m. Prepare for a sensory journey as you savor the deep flavors of cocoa, hazelnut, and brown sugar, complemented by the richness of dark chocolate, berry, and cedar notes.

Experience the allure of a pungent, grapefruit-like citrus aroma that tantalizes your senses. As you sip, be captivated by the interplay of dark chocolate and earthy tones, forming layers of herbal and nutty aromatics. The round, crisp acidity and lean mouthfeel elevate the experience, leading to a sweet-toned yet drying finish.

Our Premium triple pick grade guarantees excellence, with each coffee bean rigorously hand-sorted more than three times. Custom roasted to a medium-dark perfection, Royal Blue Batak Coffee unveils a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. What sets this coffee apart is its wet-hulled process, resulting in a distinctive almost "jungle" taste that's unforgettable.

Elevate your coffee moments with Royal Blue Batak Coffee – a tribute to tradition, quality, and complexity.
Varietal: Arabica Blue Batak
Roast: Medium Dark
Acidity: Low

Weight: 100g (for Beans)

Weight : 10x12g (for drip coffee)

Tasting Notes: Nutty, Hazelnut, Cocoa, Brown sugar
Country of Origin: Indonesia

All of our coffee are sold as whole beans by default. We can grind the beans for you (finely ground or coarsely ground) at no extra cost. If you would like this, please message the seller chat directly.
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