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Battuta Coffee

[Battuta Coffee] Rwanda Embu coffee - 100% Arabica

[Battuta Coffee] Rwanda Embu coffee - 100% Arabica

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[Battuta Coffee] Rwanda Embu coffee - 100% Arabica

Indulge in the exquisite allure of Rwanda Embu coffee, cultivated at a breathtaking altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. Once marred by conflict, Rwanda has gracefully transformed into a premier coffee producer, enchanting connoisseurs worldwide.

Nurtured in the embrace of rich volcanic soil and elevated terrains, Rwandan coffee boasts a cup potential that rivals the finest regions. Bourbon, the crown jewel of arabica varieties, contributes to 95% of Rwanda's coffee production, resulting in a sensory symphony of bright, clean flavors, sweet florals, and a lingering tea-like finish.

This luxurious brew captivates with its signature sweetness and spiciness, offering a harmonious balance reminiscent of dark chocolate and velvety jam. Immerse yourself in tasting notes that dance on the palate – from the vibrant burst of berries to the winey richness, citrusy undertones, and the comforting echoes of raisins and sweet lemon tea. Rwanda Embu coffee is a testament to resilience, a sensory journey through the heights of flavor in every sip. ☕

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