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Battuta Coffee

[Battuta Coffee] Honduras Finca Pino de Oro coffee - 100% Arabica

[Battuta Coffee] Honduras Finca Pino de Oro coffee - 100% Arabica

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Discover the extraordinary journey of Honduras Finca Pino de Oro coffee, cultivated in Concepción del Sur, Santa Barbara, at an elevation of 1500 MASL. ☕✨ Oscar Tinoco and his family, custodians of this legacy since the 1950s, have shaped the farm's destiny.

Passed down through generations, the 13-manza farm witnessed a remarkable turn when Oscar, in 2011, clinched 1st place in the Cup of Excellence (COE) competition, just five years into his stewardship. After several more top 12 finishes, Oscar redirected his focus, patiently awaiting the perfect convergence of variety, process, and harvest.

In 2023, the moment arrived. Another 1st Place finish with a remarkable score of 91.78 points and a Presidential Award. Oscar's dedication to quality over quantity led him to plant Pacamara, a decision that paid off in a symphony of flavors – bold blackcurrant and tropical fruit vibes dominate this Natural Pacamara.

Savor the tasting notes of blackcurrant, blood orange, dark chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar. Oscar's belief in the family's dedication and hard work resonates in every sip, making Pino de Oro truly special. 🏆🌱

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