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Battuta Coffee

[Battuta Coffee] Ethiopia's Koke Shalaye 100g - 100% Arabica Beans

[Battuta Coffee] Ethiopia's Koke Shalaye 100g - 100% Arabica Beans

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Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Ethiopia's Koke Shalaye Natural coffee beans, a true testament to the artistry of local farmers in Gediyo, Koke. Grown at a lofty 2000 meters above sea level, these beans thrive in the perfect harmony of high altitude, fertile soil, and abundant rainfall in the Yirgacheffe region.

Crafted from indigenous 'heirloom' varietals, which grow wild in Ethiopia, the unique flavor notes unfold in every sip, offering an uncommon yet refined coffee experience. Sun-dried to perfection, these beans reveal juicy and jammy stone-fruit flavors, complemented by floral and chocolate undertones, and a creamy body that lingers on the palate.

Hand-picked with care, fully ripened cherries undergo a meticulous drying process on African beds for 10 to 15 days, shielded from the intense sun by attentive farmers. The result is a floral symphony with raspberry-like nuances, boasting a captivating profile that includes Bergamot, Yuzu, Sage, Hibiscus, Sugar Plum, and Raspberry. Elevate your coffee journey with the unparalleled luxury of Koke Shalaye – a sensory masterpiece from the heart of Ethiopia.

All of our coffee are sold as whole beans by default. We can grind the beans for you (finely ground or coarsely ground) at no extra cost. If you would like this, please message the seller chat directly.
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