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Battuta Coffee

Nicaragua Zaragoza- Arabica Nicaragua

Nicaragua Zaragoza- Arabica Nicaragua

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[Battuta Coffee] Nicaragua Zaragoza - Arabica Nicaragua
Savor the rich flavors of Nicaragua with our Zaragoza Coffee! ☕

Did you know that many coffee farms in Nicaragua uphold international ethical and eco-friendly standards? They're in harmony with non-profit organizations like Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance, ensuring both the environment and coffee farmers thrive! 🌿🤝

Our Zaragoza Coffee, grown at 1300 meters above sea level, embodies the essence of Nicaraguan craftsmanship. It's a symphony of flavors, with notes of velvety cocoa, delicate florals, sweet vanilla, zesty citrus, and the warm embrace of brown sugar. 🌼🍫🍊

This coffee boasts a medium body that carries the flavors gracefully, accompanied by a gentle acidity that enhances the tasting experience. And oh, that high sweetness in the aftertaste is pure indulgence! 🍬

Support sustainability and savor the taste of Nicaragua with Zaragoza Coffee. It's more than a cup; it's a commitment to ethical, eco-friendly coffee cultivation. ☕🌱

Beans: Arabica Nicaragua
Roast: Medium
Acidity: Medium
Tasting notes: Raspberry, redcurrants, buttery finish
Net weight: 100 grams
Country of origin: Nicaragua
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