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Battuta Coffee

"Himalayan Elegance: Yeti Peaberry Coffee β˜•"

"Himalayan Elegance: Yeti Peaberry Coffee β˜•"

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"Himalayan Elegance: Yeti Peaberry Coffee β˜•"

Elevate your coffee experience to new heights with our Nepal Himalayas Yeti Peaberry coffee. Sourced from the majestic Himalayas at a breathtaking elevation of 1600 meters, where sub-zero temperatures enhance the unique character of these beans.

πŸŒ„ Grown in the lap of nature, our coffee beans absorb the essence of the Himalayan mountains, resulting in a brew that is truly extraordinary. Picture yourself savoring the rich notes of raisins, the comforting embrace of nutmeg and spices, the profound depth of dark cherries, all complemented by a delicate hint of sweet oranges. Every sip transports you on a journey to the heart of the Himalayas.

πŸŠπŸ’πŸŒ° With a flavor profile that's sweeter and smoother, this coffee embodies the elegance of nature and the dedication of our skilled coffee growers. Immerse yourself in the luxury of Himalayan Elegance.

tasting notes: raisins, dark cherries, nutmeg andΒ hintΒ ofΒ oranges
weight : 100g (beans)
weight : 8x12g (Drip Coffee)
Roast : Medium
Accidity : Low
Country original : Nepal Himalaya

All of our coffee are sold as whole beans by default.
We can grind the beans for you (finely ground or coarsely ground) at no extra cost.
If you would like this, please message the seller chat directly.
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